1. What is Bullion Live?

is an online over the counter spot tradlig platform for bullion. It is critical to have a right tradaig platform to trade in the physical markets to get an edge in today’s competitive markets. Bullion Live makes trading easier as it provides the real-time market movement without any disconnection or late moving rates.

2. How do I open my account?

To open an account you can either contact us on 022-23425555 or mail us at  info@sanghavibullion.com

3. What is security margin deposit? Is it refundable?

Security margin deposit is the initial account oppening margin which is refundable. The minimum margin amount is Rs.50,000/- for which one would be able to trade up to 1kg of Gold.

4. What are the benefits of using ?

makes trading convenient, Mentioned below are some of its benefits:

  • Check the status

With the ease of our software, you can check the status of your delivery any time.

  • Market Watch

Keep an eye on the market rates while trading with our market watch screen that pops up every now and then.

  • Trade with just a click

makes trading easier. Buy, sell or book Gold in a click.

  • Auto-reconnect facility

In case the application gets disrupted due to internet disconnection or any other technical issues, it reconnects itself automatically once the internet connection is re-established.

  • Net position

View all your intraday trade positions.

  • Trade history

maintains the record of all your trades so that you can access it at any point of time.

  • Limit

Manage your trading limits.

  • Inbox

Receive messages sent by the management team in your personalized Inbox.

  • Multi Login

This feature enables you to login with the same user id on different systems.