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Trading & Delivery

Commodity Details

Commodity Imported Gold Bars.




Imported Gold Bar.

Content Specification

Daily contract buying and selling during the day will be permitted, but all positions outstanding at end of trading session on a day must result into compulsory delivery. Only the sole seller is allowed to tender delivery under this contract. Other members having sale position at the end & the day and tendering delivery shall be subject to additional penalty.

Trading Period

Monday to Saturday except specified holidays in advance.

Trading Session

Monday to Friday: 10:00AM to 9:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Trading Related Parameters

Trading Unit


Quatation/Base Value

10 gms of Gold with 995 purity.

Tick Size

(Minimum price movement) Rs.1 per 10 gms.

Price Quote Mumbai

(Inclusive of all taxes and levies, but excluding VAT, any other additional tax or surcharge on sales tax, local taxes and octroi.)

Maximum Order Size

10 kgs

Delivery Related Parameters

Delivery Unit 1kg bar

Delivery center(s) Mumbai at designated delivery centers.

Quality Specifications Grade: 995

If the purity of the bar is below 995, it is rejected.

Quality Adjustment

Seller will get a proportionate premium and sale proceeds will be calculated in the manner of rate of delivery *999/995.
If the purity is less than 995, it is rejected.